Master Grinder Shinagawa Kiyoshi

Shinagawa irons are hand crafted by Mr. Kiyoshi Shinagawa in the region of Japan called Himeji. Himeji is popular for its high quality forging of Japanese swords dating back to 794 C.E. Himeji is now a golf iron manufacturing hub of Japan.

“Takumi”, the art Mr. Shinagawa practices, which means that he has inherited the soul of the sword-smith. Starting at age of 15, he has been forging golf clubs for over 50 years. Mr. Shinagawa uses only the highest quality Tamahagane; iron traditionally used in the creation of the legendary Japanese sword the Katana. His irons have a paper smooth finish and a unique soft hitting feel.

Clubs forged upon numerous requests from professionals on PGA, LPGA, Asian and Japanese Tours have contributed to the player's success. Mr. Shinagawa has appeared on NHK television during their series on the History of Golf in Japan and has been featured in the Sankei Newspaper in a three day series describing his club crafting techniques. He has also given lectures to schools in Japan on the history of Golf in Japan.

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